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We are the leader in marketing and sales outsourcing services, providing complete marketing & sales services for organizations and institutes that specialize in the Golden Age Field.

Our company's managers have over 20 years of specialized experience, in providing services for various institutions and organizations in the elderly field, including nursing homes, placement companies, nursing companies, public and government hospitals, medical centers and other public and private institutions.

Our Experience & Customers
         Over the last decade, we have been exclusively marketing Mishan - the largest sheltered housing company in Israel.
          In  the past two decades we have sold thousands of assisted living units, and in fact, as of today, we are the largest retailer in the field of senior communities.
         In addition, we are marketing the nursing beds of Mishan, Amal-Siudit, Oley-Airopa & more than 40 nursing homes in Israel.
Our company possess business connections with the largest companies in Israel dealing with the elderly population.
Located within the customer facilities, each project is assigned a dedicated team of managers (project manager and regional managers in nationwide projects), sales personnel, call center (telemarketing and telemeeting) and promotion aids as needed.
Our company employs specialists from various fields, and utilizes advanced technology and computerized database to provide flexible solutions for each customer's ever changing needs.
We believe in long term relationship with our customers. Our activities include development of profit centers, analyze existing performance - turn crisis into growth, design and operate call centers, design and implement promotion and advertising campaigns and much more.
With senior management field experience of 20 years in developing and successfully implementing marketing and sales models, our unique operative marketing approach enhances business activity by constantly monitoring quantifiable performance according to preliminary research and predefined strategic plan.

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